Looking for blades that will add value and productivity to your food processing operation?

Burton Saw International Ltd. is your local British producer of bandsaw blades for the food processing industry. We offer a complete range of high-quality blades for any type of bandsaw, portion saw cutting or slicing system. For over 40 years we have supplied customers in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world with the highest quality saw blades on the market. Today, we export to customers on six different continents.

Time is money, therefore we strive to make sure our products are reliable and consistent, meaning less down time caused by machine maintenance. All our bandsaw blades are made using the very best Swedish steel. They are produced with precision profile grinding providing optimum sharpness and have undergone an advanced hardening process. Thanks to this and our electronically controlled welding machines, our band saw blades are given the required strength and reliability.

Our circular saw blades for portioning are made to the same high standards with tooth profiles and configurations adapted to specific customer requirements as determined by the product being processed. We have combined these features into a range of blades that offer fewer stoppages and downtime, minimum product waste and optimum smooth surface.

Because our state of the art production centre is based here in the United Kingdom, we can provide our products with minimal lead times.